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“We can’t mortgage our children’s future.” I have heard that from politicians and others for as long as I can remember. I have never understood this. I have a house. I have a mortgage. Without it I would not have a house. Without mortgaging the future, we won’t have one.

“We cannot live beyond our means.”  Another premise of those who hold this view.

I am puzzled by this. Government is not like a business or a person. Their purpose and modus opperendis are very different.

Education, Health Care, Environment,  Social Services, and Military  are expenditures are investments without a bottom line.  They are investments  in our future with  an outcome that can not be quantified in financial terms.

No one will ever get a notice of national foreclosure. “Everyone East of the Mississippi go to the Atlantic and those to the West go to the Pacific. You are being evicted.”

Our future was mortgaged by leaders like FDR and LBJ who lifted and enfranchised the economically and socially disadvantaged. If not for them and others like them, most Social Assistance , Medicare and  voting rights would still be just dreams. I am grateful that my future was mortgaged for a better today.

Truth Like Water Finds It’s Own Level

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Truth like water finds its own level.  Like water it also finds its own path. It can be  slowed and diverted but will always seek and eventually find its place.

In this blog, I will attempt to help truth find it’s level. I am doing this as  cathartic therapeutic, exercise and for my children to have know their father. They don’t seem to be to focused or interested now.

I write through the eyes of  60+ years of life. I kept notes on my thoughts and insights all of my life. I rarely reviewed, and long ago lost them.  Before the internet, there was no opportunity to put  thoughts and perspectives out there and possibly get feedback to confirm that I am not the only one who sees the universe this way.

I hope to have fun while getting it off my chest.

If you happen to read it , I hope you find it  entertaining, enlightening, and perhaps thought-provoking.